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Craft Your Online Empire

You’re ready to master the art of online selling.

You’re in the perfect place to invest in a professional, high-converting website or e-commerce shop. You’ve outgrown your old brand & website, and need a total overhaul. Your priority is establishing a unique high-end brand aesthetic that reflects the current state of your business.

At this stage in your business, I don't recommend...

PROTIP: Follow Your Gut

When investing more than $5k into a website or redesign package, interview a few candidates to see who you enjoy talking to the most.

Ultimately no matter how great a proposal is, if you don’t actually enjoy connecting & communicating with your designer, then the entire project will feel like a slog. Giving feedback is incredibly important, so feeling like you’re  “on the same level” as your designer will help you be more up-front and honest, making the project go a lot faster!

At this stage in your business, I recommend...

Premium Branding

from $3,200

Signature Website

from $8,250

Get a custom package that suits your business’s exact needs & budget!

"My new web design DOUBLED my conversions!​"

I’ve collaborated with many designers, and I’ve never met one with a more impressive combination of visual artistry & tech savvy. She has an “I’m on it” professionalism that makes The Container Store look disorganized.

If you want fantastic web design and development that makes you happy, puts money in the bank, and leaves your competition in the digital dust, let Laura rock your website.

Oh by the way, the new webinar registration page she designed has doubled my conversions, from about 9% to 20%+!

- Connell Barrett

Dating Coach for Men, DatingTransformation.com

We provide graphic design services and web design and development for our client Connell Barrett of Dating Transformation

"Choosing Laura was a no-brainer..."

I am a DIYer and love building websites, but due to limited time and my perfectionism I couldn’t create the perfect site.

Laura had worked on my branding/logo and did such a fantastic job, plus with her portfolio, it was a no brainer when I finally decided to bite the bullet and outsource web design. 

Prior to the first review, I was worried that I would be too picky and not settle on anything, I couldn’t have been so wrong. Everything she did for me was included [in her package], but to me it felt like she over delivered.

After our initial consultation, Laura knew exactly what I would like and she delivered again and again.

- Aprille Reed

Business Strategist & Podcaster | AprilleReed.com

"Laura's design work is exceptional..."

She heard all my requests and was incredibly patient with all of the custom details I asked for.

The end result is worth so much more than the price I paid, and honestly, I can’t believe I got such incredible value.

I recommend Laura without hesitation. In fact, I’ve been recommending her to friends, colleagues, and clients for the past 6 years we’ve worked together!

- Luisa Zhou

7-Figure Business Coach, LuisaZhou.com

We provide graphic design services and web design and development for our client Luisa Zhou Coaching

"I was thrilled throughout the whole project..."

Being a marketer & web developer myself, I wasn’t sure if Laura would be able to capture my brand message, understand my market and then bring it all together.

Laura’s guidance and leadership throughout the whole process allowed us to move forward quickly without compromising the quality of her work.

Honestly, I was thrilled throughout the whole project. Her attention to detail allowed me to give her what she needed without taking much of my time, so I could continue serving my own clients. 

Laura exceeded my expectations. Her understanding of marketing, branding, design and technology came together to deliver a website to take my business to the next level.

- Alex Navas

Business & Sales Strategist, AlexNavas.com

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"I could not have done it without you..."

Laura, I feel so blessed. You nailed it way better than my little brain could’ve ever dreamed it up!

I’m so so happy with the design!!! It is just gorgeous! Your design just nails everything I hoped to encompass and more. I can’t express that enough.

Thank you so much for helping my dream become reality. Could not have done it without you – that is for certain.

- Michele Rohde

Financial Advisor & Coach, MicheleRohde.org