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Brand Design Success Story: Christina Jandali

In January 2016, Christina decided she was ready to take her brand and website to the next level. Here’s her story…

When Christina first approached me about upgrading her business’ design, she was nervous but determined.

“Before I met Laura, I was struggling to have a consistent look and feel with my brand”, Christina says, and it was true. She had been using the same tired sales page and website for over a year, and was ready to LOOK as high-quality and expert-level as the services she provides.

Her DIY website just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Christina heard about me through a couple projects I was completing for coaches in her network.

When she finally got me on the phone, I could almost hear the relief in her voice. She was sick of staring at the same tired sales page and was about to take her first lifestyle photo shoot.

Christina didn’t just need a graphic designer, she needed a creative director she could trust.

( Here’s how it turned out… )

IN JUST 8 WEEKS,  we turned out a BOLD new website, a hugely profitable sales page for her signature 90-day program, and EYE-POPPING marketing templates to ensure her VA was able to stay on-brand across social media.

Plus a bonus PDF resource and webinar template to boot? My girl was HOOKED UP.

“All I can say is WOW! Laura brought my vision to life and as a result my confidence and sales exploded”

– Christina Jandali

Since then, Christina has skillfully promoted herself and her professionally designed brand to multiple six-figure success. She has used the gorgeous designs I created to form the business and financially independent lifestyle of her dreams. 

Now it’s time for me to ask you…

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