Get to Know the Mastermind

Meet the Mastermind

Hi there! I'm Laura.

My mission with Design Mastermind is to partner with solo entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to gain confidence through a beautiful, compelling web presence.

I create website designs that perfectly represent each of my clients and their unique personalities. I love graphic design and the process of creating something from nothing, which is why I LOVE to work with new, up-and-coming entrepreneurs who don’t have branding yet.

In 2014, I left my 9-5 corporate design job to connect with ambitious people who want to network (and often times make a living) through their online business.

Having such a direct impact on my clients' business success makes me feel proud every single day, while working in an office only made me feel anonymous and unnecessary.

I stand for Ambition, Dedication, and Positivity.

I believe in every person's ability to imagine and create a more fulfilled future for themselves. I stand for honesty and hard work, and although I'm not perfect, I am always looking to learn new skills and grow with each client I bring on.

I hate seeing people just assume that they’re going to be the next Marie Forleo without making the effort to truly STAND OUT as a brand.

I see people “following the formula”, which is fine as a template, but they lose a sense of themselves in the process. They lose their individuality and forget that their unique style, their unique “hero’s journey” is what will allow them to push through the crowd and attract the best kind of audience.

Get to know the real me

Oh, me? I'm a total weirdo.

I dance in the streets, work till 4am, and treat my city like a playground.

I’m both manically creative and hyper organized, which is what made graphic design my “AHA!” profession. I knew it was fate (I'll get to that later).

I'm full with contradictions.

Though I’m a colorful Floridian who revels in sunshine and swimming pools, I find my true happy place in the cozy bass-filled nightlife that booms through Brooklyn warehouses every weekend. My two favorite things are breezy meadows and tiny crawl spaces.

I'm a hula hooper, a bendy yogi, and an avid bicyclist. I live by myself in a one bedroom near Prospect Park in Brooklyn. I've traveled all over the world to go to music festivals and cultural events.

I've been to Burning Man 3 times and will probably go back with my family one day. I think the 10 Principals are a powerful blueprint for living well.

Want to see what I can do for YOUR business?

If you can't freakin' wait to upgrade your business with strategy, support and style, then what are you waiting for? Let's hop on a call!

1120 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225