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Meet Laura Patricelli
The Mastermind behind the Design
Meet Laura Patricelli, a website designer for small businesses.
Hey! I'm Laura.

I'm a colorful website designer for small businesses whose passion isn't just building a brand for your company - it's creating an attention-grabbing, personality-infused selling machine that books new clients & customers while you sleep.

I partner with clients by building a brand that stands out from the competition, amplifying their influence with eye-catching marketing materials, and skyrocketing their sales in the process. As a website designer for small businesses, my priority isn’t just getting another website out there, it’s launching my clients to online superstardom.

As a university-trained designer with over 12+ years experience in the field, I’m continually astounded by the immense power that sits behind a beautifully crafted website. My clients know it first-hand.

I’ve seen confidence levels soar, recognition and influence elevated, and small business revenue goals tripled just by having an online presence that truly represents them and that they can’t wait to show off.

I'm all for building a brand that's radical.

I believe in every person's ability to imagine and create a more fulfilling life for themselves, and building a brand that reflects their bold, unapologetic selves is the best way to express that desire for greatness. 

You’re a pretty unique character, and so am I. You don’t just need a run-of-the-mill designer, you need a website designer for small businesses that thinks outside the grid.

A website designer that – oh I don’t know – ran a camp at Burning Man four whole times and isn’t afraid to kick up some dust (or work her butt off!)

Black Rock City (as I like to call it) has inspired me to live by their visionary 10 Principles, which I’ve incorporated into my own set of values I live by each day:

Let's get a little more personal...

With the greater New York City area as my personal playground, my style (and hair color) are constantly changing. I dance in the streets, work till 4am (sometimes), and treat my city like a playground.

I’m full with contradictions.

I’m both manically creative and hyper organized, which is what made graphic design my “AHA!” profession. I knew it was fate.

Though I’m a colorful Floridian who revels in sunshine and swimming pools, I find my true happy place in the cozy, wobblesome bass-filled nightlife that booms through Brooklyn warehouses every weekend. 

Laura Patricelli loves building a brand and being a website designer for small businesses

That's who I am, now here's what I do: