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I've worked with over 100 coaches, creatives, entrepreneurs & small businesses in almost every industry. These are my favorites (so far!)

Dakota Jackson Furniture

Brand & website redesign for the world famous furniture designer

Working with Dakota’s team, we designed a gorgeous, fully custom portfolio website for his world-renowned furniture design business.

Prospective customers were able to preview collections, compile a “favorites” collection with “add to favorites” functionality, download tear sheets for each piece, and request a quote from the sales department. We also updated their brand assets and made their overall aesthetic more refined & elegant.

Unfortunately, their team insisted on developing the website in-house using outdated tools, which resulted in increased difficulty maintaining the website in subsequent years. They have since switched to another platform. 

I use this website as an example when discussing the importance of selecting high-quality, up-to-date tools when building custom websites, since building “from scratch” can lead to problems down the line.

Terese Nielsen Art

Brand & eCommerce shop design for the visionary artist and illustrator

I worked directly with Terese to update her old GoDaddy website into a stunning, custom Elementor eCommerce website to showcase her visionary artwork. 

Terese wanted her unique style + illustration techniques to be represented in the website design itself, which gave me an opportunity to integrate her sketches, watercolors, and other artistic elements into the layout of the website.

Since launching the website in 2020, she has seen increased sales, and more specifically higher numbers of repeat sales from fans who often comment about how much they “love buying from her new website!”

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Luisa Zhou Coaching

Branding, website, sales funnels & membership for 7-figure business coach

I’ve been working with Luisa Zhou since 2014, and recently completed a sweeping rebrand of her entire main website and membership website. We did away with her old brand design, which no longer suited the premium, high-class aesthetic that she wanted to portray to her audience.

Over the course of about 14 months, we worked through her entire website, sales page portfolio, and membership access website, spanning about 150 pages in total

Since re-launching her website in 2021, she has seen exponential growth in her SEO, leading to hundreds of new leads each week, and increased sales across each of her launches.


New product branding & website collaboration with Spitfire Industry

Working with Isis Shiffer of Spitfire Industry, we produced a successful facelift of the Fluolabs™ Squarespace website. We produced illustrations and GIF images that represented their unique style, while creating visual interest across each page of the website.

Customizing Squarespace websites isn’t easy, but using their custom CSS tool, I was able to integrate the new animations into the website, adapt for mobile, and provide additional detailing work on key elements of the site, such as their header, font treatments, and footer.

Dr. Shannon Irvine

Branding, website & sales funnel for 7-figure mindset & sales coach

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Becki Heller Consulting

Branding & website for corporate marketing & social media consultant

EXD Architecture

Branding & website for women-owned NYC architectural firm

New Frontier Coffee

Branding & website for California-based coffee company

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