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Dakota Jackson Furniture
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In 2017, I worked with Dakota Jackson's marketing team to rework their website design & organization.

Having built furniture for celebrities & luxury enterprises since the 1970’s, I wanted to design a high-end custom website that would skyrocket their new customer inquiries & perfectly showcase Dakota’s furniture collections to buyers all over the world.

Check out the video below to see the website in action:
Laura, you've absolutely knocked this design out of the park! We are thrilled to finally show it off."

— Sea WEaver, Director of marketing for Dakota Jackson

Dakota Johnson


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Our biggest challenge:

I was only brought on for design (not development) of this custom website, so I had little control over the tools that were used. That meant I ended up working with a team that failed to use future-proofed development frameworks. 

Despite my attempts to get them to use higher quality, more user-friendly tools to build the website, they insisted on building everything from scratch. 

Tragically, following 4 years of successful sales with this beautiful website, the developers stopped supporting the website and it was abandoned.

The end results:

During the website’s lifespan, we completely remapped the organization of each furniture type’s archive, allowing visitors to easily browse collections and mark their favorites. It was a truly enjoyable experience navigating this website.

Dakota’s team saw a massive increase in high end customer inquiries, with potential buyers able to easily download individual tearsheets, inquire with the sales team, and share pieces on social media.

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