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Welcome to Design Mastermind

I’m a creative director, brand strategist, copywriter and website designer all rolled into one. When you work with me, you’re getting the complete package.

When you choose Design Mastermind, you choose me - Brooklyn resident and Florida native Laura Patricelli - to launch your business ahead of the competition. 

So let me ask you - are you afraid of heights?

Because you're about to skyrocket, baby!!

When we work together, my 3 main goals are to
position your business as a premium brand,
2) inspire
 your audience into taking action, and
3) skyrocket the value
of your tireless marketing efforts.

So yeah. Pretty much exactly what the doctor called for.

Design Mastermind's Laura Patricelli
Gac e-commerce website

My website packages are perfect for...

  • Style-savvy entrepreneurs who are sick of staring at their budget logo and DIY website
  • Startups & tech companies who need a versatile, easily managed website.
  • Small businesses who need sleek, modern brand guidelines to drive their marketing efforts
  • Solopreneurs who are ditching their corporate 9-5 with massive gusto.
  • Online business owners who value getting it right FROM THE START instead of wasting money on second-rate designers on Fiverr

Here's a glimpse into Alex's website project...


Alex Navas website before
  • No 'big picture' messages, hard to skim
  • Busy header area with too much to look at
  • Calls to action get lost in all the content
  • Looks like a DIY template website


Alex Navas website after
  • Eye-catching & cohesive branding
  • Purposeful, well-spaced header area
  • Clear, vibrant calls to actions
  • High-end, premium look & feel

As a marketer and web developer myself, my standards are set pretty high.

I wasn't sure if Laura would be able to capture my brand message, understand my market and then bring it all together to create a powerful online presence based on my own standards.

Laura exceeded my expectations. Her understanding of marketing, branding, design and technology came together to deliver a website that will take my business to the next level.

- Alex

Business & Sales Strategist  |  AlexNavas.com

So what kind of results can YOU expect?

Design Mastermind pyramid of website outsourcing success
  • Attract high-end clients and dramatically increase sales (because you’ll look and sound like the badass pro you are!)
  • Eliminate stress by outsourcing the most difficult design & development tasks that your business needs to effectively promote your brand.
  • Promote your brand with 100% confidence. I provide many opportunities for feedback, so you're guaranteed to get a final product you LOVE.
  • Enjoy a lasting creative partnership with affordable retainer packages that let you make requests only as you need them

Plus you'll get 60m strategy sessions every week.

To produce a brand & website that perfectly represents your business, we will need to be on the same page. That's why we hop on Zoom every week to discuss your brand's direction and map out a powerful website strategy.

Jennifer Dent PDF ebook project

Why choose Design Mastermind?

  • With almost a decade working with coaches, creative entrepreneurs & small businesses, I know EXACTLY what it takes to deliver a premium brand design.
  • I'm 100% dedicated to designing the boldest, most eye-catching websites & graphics so that YOU can stand out from your competition.
  • Always stay on track with weekly milestones and 1:1 training sessions. That way, you know exactly what to do with the materials I provide you.
  • Ridiculously simple payment plans - no alarms and no surprises here.

Doubled my conversions!

I've collaborated with many designers, and I've never met one with a more impressive combination of visual artistry, technical savvy and "I'm on it" professionalism. (The Container Store looks disorganized compared to her.)

If you want a fantastic site that makes you happy, puts money in the bank, and leaves your competition in the digital dust, let Laura rock your website.

Oh by the way, the new webinar registration page you designed has doubled my conversions, from about 9% to 20%+!

Laura! Laura! Laura!

- Connell

Dating Coach for Men  |   DatingTransformation.com

Are YOU ready to upgrade your brand & website?

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Big Fat List of all my design services:

I'll work with you to create a PERFECT visual design package for your badass business.

Brand Identity

Logo Design

Photo Shoot Prep

Landing Pages

Freebie Design

Marketing & Promotional Design

Website Design

Blog Styling

Canva Templates

SEO Configuration

Content strategy & sales funnels

Sales Page Design

E-commerce Setup


Market Strategy

Terms & Design Process

These terms will give you an idea of how the process will go, help set your expectations, and get us both on the same page...

1. Initial consultation

If you’re ready to take your brand & website to the next level (or just want to see if we click), you can book a call here! You’ll need to provide a bit of info first, so that I can prepare for our call. Don’t worry – your info is secure.

During our initial meet & greet, I’ll ask you questions about your business’ ideal clients / audience, tell you more about my project packages, and really just have an enjoyable chat. This is our chance to get to know each other and (hopefully!) create an enjoyable design partnership.

Since everyone communicates differently, I will make myself available for up to 60 minutes. We can connect by phone, Zoom, Hangouts, or Skype.

If you need more time to pick my brain, or would like to purchase a comprehensive website review, I may need to bill you separately for my time.

2. Project overview & quote

After our consultation, I’ll go over everything we discussed and put together a comprehensive project overview.

This PDF overview will act as both a project quote AND as a contract, so you know exactly what you’ll get, when you’ll get it, and what your payment timeline will look like. The deliverables I offer as part of the design package will reflect your budget and most pressing brand & website goals.

Please read the overview thoroughly and get back to me ASAP with any requests. I am happy to add or remove services if need be.

The document will act as a legally binding contract as soon as you submit your first payment, and will serve to hold us accountable to each other throughout the duration of the project.

Please remember that this overview / contract is a serious commitment, and will be enforced if absolutely necessary (though this hasn’t happened yet, thank goodness!) We will be committing to uphold this creative partnership on both sides, which means meeting all deadlines set in the project milestone & payment timeline.

On the fence? Keep in mind, the price that I offer you in the project overview will be valid for 7 business days, at which point I may need to revise the payment timeline to reflect any new prices or information.

Please feel free to email me at any point or message me via Skype with questions or concerns!

3. Invoices & down payments

Once you’ve sent an official “go ahead!” via email, I’ll send over your first invoice via Freshbooks (you can pay with Paypal, a credit / debit card, or even direct deposit).

Most projects require 1/3 of the total payment up-front. If my calendar for the month is booked, you will be required to pay a $500 down payment to hold your spot in my calendar for a future start date (that we agree upon beforehand). The remaining 1/3 or 1/2 project payment will be due before the official project start date.

Additional project payments are based on milestones (such as ‘homepage design approved’) and the final payment will be due as soon as all the deliverables have been submitted and you’re ready to access your files.

Late payment policy: Please let me know ahead of time if you think you might have trouble making a project payment. I give you 7 days to pay your invoice before charging an additional 5% for every week I have to wait to receive payment.

4. Calendar & milestones

In your project overview, I’ll put together a week-by-week project timeline to give you a feel for when you can expect us to reach certain milestones. This initial timeline is only an estimate, to get the conversation started.

Once you submit your first payment, I’ll produce a more comprehensive (and binding) project calendar to keep us on track. With this calendar, you will know ahead of time when you’ll need to offer feedback, or produce materials such as content / copy and photos.

You will get access your project milestones calendar via your client portal (which I’ll send over before our project kickoff call).

5. Project kickoff

Before we dive in, there’s a few things I’ll need from you…

  1. Fill out this questionnaire to tell me more about your audience and ideal brand identity
  2. Create a Google or Word doc with a list of 5-10 websites that you feel represent your ideal brand direction. These could be industry influencers, competitors, or just websites you LOVE that you want to share with me. I will be using these websites as inspiration during the project, so please spend about 1 hour on this task.
  3. (Optional) Put together a Pinterest board filled with images & websites that represent your personal taste. I want to know what you think looks GREAT online!
  4. Book a project kickoff call so that we can connect live and build a strong foundation for our working relationship
  5. Collect all the resources that I’ll need during the project (outlined in the project overview). This mostly includes: ALL unedited promotional photos, existing brand graphics (plus any .psd or .ai design files), and website copy.
  6. Send me an invite via Dropbox, Box, or Drive (laurabaurealis@gmail.com)

6. Your website content

I’m not responsible for creating or editing your website content unless specifically stated in the project overview.

I do offer professional copyediting and content creation, so please just ask me if you’d like to add these services to your project!

The deadline for your photos & content will be listed on your project milestones calendar.

If I don’t receive photos or copy by the deadline, I’ll use demo text (such as cupcake ipsum) and demo photos (from Envato Elements) instead. You’ll be responsible for replacing the demo text once the project is finished, or I can do it for you at my normal hourly rate.

You should provide graphics as editable .PSD or .AI files. You should provide photographs in a high-resolution digital format. If you have specific stock photos you’d like to purchase, I will guide you and recommend quality photo libraries.

I provide my clients with photos from the Envato Elements library, but let me know ahead of time if you’ll need more options. I can provide a separate estimate or project add-on for additional stock photo management.

7. Your photos

If you do NOT already have high-quality professional photos and/or web copy, this should be addressed during our initial consultation. It’s not a deal breaker by any means, but it will extend the timeline by up to 1 month.

Your photos are required to be HIGH QUALITY, professional studio or lifestyle photos. If your photos are dark, blurry, or simply nonexistent, then you’ll need to book a session with a photographer as soon as possible.

ALL clients will receive ONE complimentary coaching session to help you prepare for your next photo shoot and really make the most out of your investment.

8. Design revisions & extra requests

Most packages allow for up to 2 rounds of revisions on each design item submitted for review. Logo design, however, is a much more back-and-forth process, and includes up to four rounds of ideas (4-8 concepts each).

The project quote I provide you in the overview is based on the number of hours I’ll need to accomplish everything you want to achieve. If you change your mind and ask me to rework a design from scratch, or if you add extra designs or deliverables along the way, then it’s not a problem! Just know that I’ll need to charge either a fixed add-on price, or my hourly rate for any items or revisions not included in the original project scope.

9. Final files

After you submit your final project payment, you’ll receive the final design files for all artwork created for your project. Please keep in mind that design process files (such as homepage mockups or logo process files) will be an additional fee.

Your logo & brand identity files will be provided in high-resolution transparent .png format. You will also receive one brand mood board which will give you access to .psd and .ai layered elements. Brand colors will be provided in hex format.

Any printed materials will be provided in 300dpi Photoshop or Illustrator .pdf format, and I will also submit a format specified by your printer, if needed.

Webfonts are included in the price of the project ONLY IF they are available via Google Webfonts, Typekit, or Hoeffler & co. You will be required to purchase any additional commercial webfonts.

Desktop use font files are provided IF they are available for free OR I have purchased a commercial license for your specific font(s). This is NOT guaranteed, and you may be responsible for purchasing font licenses for yourself – specifically if you intend to use commercial webfonts for desktop use.

10. Website terms

All websites are developed using the WordPress platform and either OptimizePress or Divi page builders. I am not responsible for errors caused by WordPress, OptimizePress, Divi, and/or additional website plugins due to updates (or lack thereof), compatibility issues, etc.

You will be required to purchase any WordPress plugin that isn’t included in the initial project overview (some plugins, like GravityForms, are included in the project cost).

You will be responsible for setting up your domain and hosting account before we begin the project. Unless you specify otherwise, the website will be developed on your own hosting account. I recommend WP Engine, Siteground, or InMotion.

I will produce a freebie landing page OR under construction page during the first stage of the project which will act as a holding page for your entire site while the rest of the pages are being developed. Any preexisting designs will be removed from your live site as soon as the new landing page has been developed

11. Showing off your project

Sharing is caring! I’d love to show off our collaboration and share what I’ve produced with potential clients. I reserve the right to display graphics related to your project on my portfolio and private Facebook Group. I also reserve the right to discuss your project on blogs, magazine articles, or on social media.

If you have any objection to this, you’ll be able to opt out in your Feedback Questionnaire which you’ll need to fill out at the end of the project.

I would love to take credit for your beautiful new website, and if it’s okay with you, I will place a small link to my portfolio in the footer of your website (i.e. Website by Design Mastermind NYC)

12. Cancellation policy

I will be providing you with opportunities to voice feedback on my designs at every stage of the project.

If you (the client) are not satisfied, request to end the project, become disruptive to the project workflow, or fail to respond within 30 days, then I will provide you with all work completed up until that point, and cancel the project.

I will NOT be able to offer refunds past week 2, however you will not be required to submit any additional payments and all completed materials may be used by another designer / developer to complete the project in the future.

13. Extension policy

If the project continues for more than 4 months because I’m waiting for content, feedback, and approval (from you), the price will increase (up to $1,000) to compensate for the extended timeline.

14. Changes to pricing & terms

Although I update this website regularly, the prices listed may become outdated or incorrect. For accurate pricing, please get in touch so that I can offer you a custom quote.

The terms & expectations listed on this page are also subject to change, and the overriding terms that apply to each individual project will be listed in the official project overview.

Ready to jump in? Let's chat about which package is right for you!

1120 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225