Logo & Website Designs that Sell For You

Custom Branding & Website Designs that Sell for You

Are you looking for a truly high-end brand design?

Do you want to finally say 'goodbye!' to website shame?

When you choose Design Mastermind, you choose me - Brooklyn resident and Florida native Laura Patricelli - to launch your business ahead of the competition. 

So let me ask you - are you afraid of heights?

Because you're about to skyrocket, baby!!

When we work together, my 3 main goals are to
position your business as a premium brand,
2) inspire
 your audience into taking action, and
3) skyrocket the value
of your marketing efforts.

So yeah. Pretty much exactly what your business needs.

Design Mastermind's Laura Patricelli

My website packages are perfect for...

  • Style-savvy entrepreneurs who are sick of staring at their budget logo and DIY website
  • Startups & tech companies who need a versatile, easily managed website.
  • Small businesses who need sleek, modern brand guidelines to drive their marketing efforts
  • Solopreneurs who are ditching their corporate 9-5 with massive gusto.
  • Online business owners who value getting it right FROM THE START instead of wasting money on second-rate designers on Fiverr

Want to learn more about how I can support your business?

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When hiring a designer, you get what you pay for!

Here are some more of the results you can expect...

Design Mastermind pyramid of website outsourcing success
  • Attract high-end clients and dramatically increase sales (because you’ll look and sound like the badass pro you are!)
  • Eliminate stress by outsourcing difficult design & development tasks that your business needs in order to look professional and make $$$.
  • Promote your brand with 100% confidence. I encourage honest feedback, so you're guaranteed to get a final product you LOVE.
  • Enjoy a lasting creative partnership with affordable retainer packages that let you make requests only as you need them

Ready for a brand & website you absolutely LOVE?

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1120 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225