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"Laura's attention to detail was incredibly valuable..."

Being a marketer and web developer myself...

I wasn't sure if Laura would be able to capture my brand message, understand my market and then bring it all together to create a powerful online presence based on my own standards.

Laura took the time up front to truly understand my work and how I approach business and marketing. Her guidance and leadership throughout the whole process allowed us to move forward quickly without compromising the quality of her work. Her attention to detail allowed me to give her what she needed without taking much of my time, so I could continue serving my own clients.

Honestly, I was thrilled throughout the whole project.

Laura exceeded my expectations. Her understanding of marketing, branding, design and technology came together to deliver a website that will take my business to the next level.

- Alex

Business & Sales Strategist  |


All I can say is WOW!

Before I met Laura I was struggling to have a consistent look and feel to my brand. All I can say is WOW! Laura brought my vision to life and as a result my confidence and sales exploded.


Sales & Marketing Coach  |  Deliver Your Genius


Before working with Laura...

I heavily researched a handful of top designers, because I knew I wanted a website I would love and be able to use for years to come.

I decided to work with Laura because her design aesthetic is exceptional and her customer service is unbeatable. I could not be happier with the result.

She took every request into account and was incredibly patient with all of the custom details I asked for. The end result is worth so much more than the price I paid, and honestly, I can't believe I got such incredible value.

I recommend Laura without hesitation. In fact, I've been recommending her to friends, colleagues, and clients for the past 4 years!


7-figure business coach  |

"I couldn't believe the transformation!"

Laura stepped up at short notice to re-vamp my website, just days before a big PR event.

I was expecting something 'basic and professional' but what I got was a total love affair. I stopped in my tracks when I saw what she designed for my website.

I couldn’t believe that transformation.

I already liked my other design yet didn’t realize how much further my website could go. Laura expanded my existing brand and created a fresh website design that's provided a better user experience and MUCH more sales!

- Penny

Sales and Business Coach  |

"If you want a fantastic site that puts money in the bank..."

Her design is already driving new revenue for me.

I've collaborated with many designers, and I've never met one with a more impressive combination of visual artistry, technical savvy and "I'm on it" professionalism. (The Container Store looks disorganized compared to her.)

If you want a fantastic site that makes you happy, puts money in the bank, and leaves your competition in the digital dust, let Laura rock your website."

- Connell

Dating Coach for Men  |


Laura is a dream to work with...

She is very intuitive and really understood my vision from day one. Despite being on the opposite side of the world her response time was excellent and her customer service is second to none.

I have no hesitation in recommending Laura – in fact I have to many people!


6-figure business coach  |


Laura is a design superstar...

She combines awesome design skills with ninja tech abilities, and excellent communication skills. I’ve been working with designers for 12 years now and that’s a really special and rare combination!

She’s super smart & savvy, a tech whizz, super responsive to messages and questions, and I really enjoyed working with her.

I was delighted with the result! Laura created a beautiful sales page with such a fast turnaround (she made the nearly impossible possible!) and I just loved her solution focused approach. BIG thank you Laura!"


success coach |

"Choosing Laura was a No-Brainer!"

Laura was awesome to work with...

I am a DIYer and love building websites, but due to limited time and my perfectionism I couldn’t create the perfect site.

Laura had worked on my branding/logo and did such a fantastic job, plus with her portfolio, it was a no brainer when I finally decided to bite the bullet and outsource web design. 

Prior to the first review, I was worried that I would be too picky and not settle on anything, I couldn’t have been so wrong. Everything she did for me was included [in her package], but to me it felt like she over delivered.

After our initial consultation, Laura knew exactly what I would like and she delivered again and again.


business strategist & money mindset coach |


When I booked my first call...

I didn’t know what to expect.  I knew I wanted help with branding for my new business but wasn’t sure how she can help me and what she can do for me.

Laura was amazing! She walked me through several options and explained exactly what she could do for me. I loved her enthusiasm, her responsiveness to my feedback and always being ready to deliver what I asked for and even more.

I am so happy with final result!

Laura is very professional, her work is outstanding and her desire to help is incredible. I look forward to collaborate with Laura in the future again.


Online film promotion consultant  |


My favorite part of working with Laura...

She puts all her focus on what she does best – creative design. Laura understands our design aesthetic and consistently produces quality work. Her Desire is incredible. Everyone who has seen our website, recipe book and sales pages absolutely loves her style!


Life and health coach  |


Her productivity and beautiful designs...

Entrepreneurs, if you’re debating designing your site yourself or figuring out annoying tech problems yourself, trust me you want to hire Laura to do it for you. The time, energy and sanity she’s saved me, was worth every penny.

With Laura's approach and commitment, I was quickly at ease.

She took my message and nailed it. I am so happy with my investment.


Biz mindset coach  |


Besides being a top notch designer...

Laura operates with a high level of professionalism in her business. She is a clear communicator and follows through on her commitments.

She is great at listening and uncovering your needs while at the same time offering support and guidance when you are not exactly sure what you want. I definitely recommend Laura and will be refer my own clients to her.


Bestselling author & success coach for holistic practitioners  |


Laura's work is very impressive...

She produced a seriously heaping portfolio of high-quality creative work in a very short period of time.

The fact that Laura loves her work shines through.  It takes the experience away from "back-and-forth" business exchange to a creative osmosis, and her turnaround time on work is very impressive.

She is a joy to work with and definitely someone I would refer to friends / consult in the future.


Nine Pentacles Apothecary


I truly enjoyed working with Laura...

She kept me posted on her progress each week and was available whenever I had questions or requests.

I absolutely love my new website, and so does everyone who has visited it since the update. She picked up on things that I probably would not have noticed.

If you have any hesitation about working with Laura, I encourage you to go for it. You will not regret it. Thanks!


Business Strategist  |


Laura is pure magic...

Laura is a professional in the truest sense of the word. Not only is she highly skilled on the technological side of things but she also has an impeccable design aesthetic and understands online marketing. It’s rare to get all of those qualities wrapped into one person.

I so appreciated her patience and effort to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. So many times, I would offer input and she’d take that information and make it better than what I had envisioned.

Without hesitation I will recommend Laura to my new clients seeking websites and will do so confidently knowing she will deliver.


Business Strategist  |


Working with Laura has been a pleasure...

From beginning to end! She just ‘gets it’, and is always a step ahead of what you need, she knows her craft so well.

Her prep work alone was brilliant and insightful. She listened carefully every step of the way to what I wanted – and that wasn’t always easy for her, as I was a complete beginner!

Her patience with the project and with me was formidable – as was her work. She created an absolutely beautiful sales page and graphic set for me. I can’t wait to work with her further on my full website!


Mortgage Professional  |


Laura was wonderful to work with...

When I decided to work with Laura I was very nervous because of my past experiences with other website designers.

After speaking to Laura I felt comfortable enough to invest in her expertise. She was forthcoming throughout the entire process, provided me with updates on the progress and provided lots of bonuses.

Laura really wants to see her clients succeed which is priceless. I would definitely work with Laura in the future and recommend her without hesitation.


transformational life & business coach |


She was able to do exactly what I needed...

My updated website came out BEAUTIFUL! She was able to take my blog site and turned it into something that looked polished and professional.

To be honest, her price tag was up there for me. However, it was worth every single penny! She really took into consideration my budget, what it was that I actually NEEDED, and was patient throughout all of my revision requests.

The most enjoyable part about working with Laura was that our conversations were never truly formal. She made me feel completely comfortable and, when she tried to explain some techie things to me (I am not at all that savvy), she was incredibly patient.

 I am looking forward to the day when I get to work with her again for a new, custom website! If you're on the fence about working with Laura, just do it. You won't be sorry. I promise!


Feng Shui Practitioner, Design Psychologist & Ideal LifeVision Coach |


Laura was very thoughtful in her feedback...

She highlighted the things that work, and addressed a few things that could be improved, with specific suggestions.

What I really appreciate is the fact that she really "got" my niche and the feel and impression I strove to create with my brand - keeping it tasteful, professional, but also accessible.

She showed me a couple of examples of people in my field and gave me some notes on what might work best for me.

For a short consult, I got a ton of value. She inspired me to take a complete 180 on my website design and branding, and now I finally have the website that I've wanted all along!

Thank you Laura.

-Dr. Valeria

board certified clinical sexologist & sexual confidence coach |


Laura was recommended among other designers...

I really loved her style and especially her illustrations and noticed she had solid experience with coaches that was a plus for me.

Since my first contact with Laura she was extremely professional and confident which made me feel relaxed and trust that I was in good hands.

It was very clear that she knows her stuff hence no need for the project manager in me to freak out.

My first impression was accurate, she delivered the project milestones punctually and with high quality. She was very patient with me and my anal very detailed oriented personality.

During our project I was overseas in different countries and she did accommodate my needs in terms of time zone, always quite flexible.


Business Strategist |

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