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How To Give Effective Feedback

Giving effective feedback to clients, consultants or team members that you work with is extremely important. What is just as important is knowing how to do it the right way. If you’ve hired a Virtual Assistant, designer or copywriter in


3 Easy Tips to Speed Up Your Website TODAY

If you promote and sell your services online, you need to catch peoples attention instantly, or else they’ll bounce off your homepage before its even done loading. These three tips I’ll be sharing today are going to help solve the major


Signature Style #5: Visual & Vintage

Gorgeous. dense. loud. Anything but boring. The most “maxed out” of all these design styles, Visual & Vintage brands crank the volume up to 11. When you look at a Visual & Vintage website or logo, you get an immediate impression


Signature Style #4: Royal & Premium

A polished, high-end look for premium brands. You want the luxe life, and you want to work with people who have the same high-quality taste. You take the reins when it comes to planning and setting high financial goals –


Signature Style #3: Elegant & Feminine

Decorative design for stylish ladypreneurs Women in many different industries choose to market themselves as Elegant & Feminine to greater reflect their own personal sense of style. They choose this brand design because it’s one of the most enjoyable to


Signature Style #2: Bright & Bold

Simple design & POP colors create memorable brand experiences. Sometimes having a LOUD taste really comes in handy – especially when you’re looking to create a brand that stands out from others in your field. What sets this Signature Style