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Christina's Case Study

Brand Design Success Story: Christina Jandali

In January 2016, Christina decided she was ready to take her brand and website to the next level. Here’s her story… When Christina first approached me about upgrading her business’ design, she was nervous but determined. “Before I met Laura,


Understanding Websites for Beginners

So what exactly goes into a website? Here’s a quick cheatsheet for the tech newbies out there. The modern web can be described very simply as domain – hosting – platform – theme. 1. Domain Your domain is, simply put,


The Benefits of Working Late

The night is my playground. When the world quiets down, my mind wakes up. I especially love working at night. Nothing makes me happier than digging deep into a client project till the early hours of the morning, completely losing


Toolkit to Boost Productivity Everyday

A work-from-anywhere diva is only as good as her toolkit. So the first thing you do when you start building your business and developing promotional material? Develop a toolkit. The best possible toolkit you can get your hands on. Search out


Ask a designer part 3: Photomania

#1: Where can I get beautiful stock photos? PAID: 1. I LOVE Creative Market. They have great fonts, photos, and vectors for you to use in your backgrounds and graphics. 2. If you know that you’re going to want stock


5 Tips for Working From Home

Working from home has the most ridiculous blessing: curse ratio I’ve ever experienced. When I started working from home full time almost 3 years ago, I was so stunned by the change in lifestyle that I didn’t know how where