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The Benefits of Working Late

The night is my playground.

When the world quiets down, my mind wakes up. I especially love working at night. Nothing makes me happier than digging deep into a client project till the early hours of the morning, completely losing track of time and producing some amazing, creative work to show the next day.

If you work with me, you’re never surprised to get emails from me at 3:30am on a regular basis.

Why did I enjoy working at night so much? Since I got into the habit over a year ago, I’ve come up with a few good reasons excuses to justify my night owl lifestyle…

1. I just prefer being out and about during the day.

I thrive socially in the daytime, so much so that it’s distracting trying to get stuff done (alone at my computer) when the weather’s nice and sunny. Plus, it’s only during the daytime that I can schedule appointments, arrange local meet & greets, go grocery shopping, or go for a run through Prospect Park.

I can’t say that I don’t work during the day. I often take calls, finish projects, and work in 90-minute chunks throughout the afternoon and early evening. My biggest blocks of time that I can devote to my clients just happen to come once the rest of my day winds down.

2. I genuinely enjoy getting sucked into “cozy nighttime work mode” past the point of no return.

Once I get started on client work, my brain tends to go into uber-focus mode. It’s a state that I absolutely take advantage of, to the point where I’ll push my focus as far (and as late) as it’ll go. I take breaks throughout the day and night to work out, take a walk, chill with friends, or cook dinner – but for the most part I’m working until I force myself to pull the plug.

When I started working at 10am, I would continue working, with breaks, until I was ready to go to sleep at around 2am. As you can image, that’s WAY TOO LONG to be staring at a computer screen.

When I wake up later and start work later, I am able to push my “focus hours” back enough to get all the exercise and socializing out of the way in the afternoon. Then when I do sit down at my computer, I’m good to get into focus mode (and stay in that mode) until I get ready for bed around 2am.

3. I prefer to schedule communication-based tasks for the daytime

My clients and community are most likely to be active & available during the day, so my afternoons are speckled with client calls, training sessions, Facebook engagement, and lunch meetings. That means that my “focus and get it done” design & website-building tasks get pushed back to the nighttime anyway, when my clients & community are asleep and I can truly relax.

4. I want to stay up late on the weekends anyway

I am all about consistent sleep schedules, and staying up until 4am every weekend is NOT conducive to an early morning lifestyle. I live in New York, baby! The city that never sleeps! With a vibrant social schedule that brings me out every Friday and Saturday night, I want to keep up and not rely on energy drinks to keep me awake. Lawd knows I’ve seen many of my “early bird” friends crash on the couch at midnight when a party is just getting started. Since I’m used to going to bed at 3-4am anyway, it’s never a big deal for me to stay up till last call (no chemicals required!)

So now let me ask you – when do YOU feel most productive?

How do you feel about working at night, when you have to?

Do you work in one solid block of time, or break it up throughout the day and night?

Do you ALSO wish there were 28 hours in a day?

Yours in hour hands,

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