'Employee to Entrepreneur' Program

Branding, Sales Page and Membership Site

Luisa Zhou Employee to Entrepreneur sales page design
Luisa Zhou Employee to Entrepreneur ETE sales page design
Luisa Zhou Employee to Entrepreneur ETE membership site design
Luisa Zhou Employee to Entrepreneur ETE sales page design

This looks GORGEOUS. Thank you for being so patient and for all your time on this!! This is truly truly beautiful, and so in line with the kind of vibe I was thinking.


7-figure business coach  |

Dr. Shannon Irvine

Website Redesign & Sales Page

Dr. Shannon Irvine Website Design
Dr. Shannon Irvine graphics
Dr. Shannon Irvine graphics
Dr. Shannon Irvine graphics

Laura, it’s beautiful. Oh my gosh, you are SO good at what you do. It’s like you pulled it out of my head, and there it is. It's absolutely gorgeous!

- Dr. Shannon

NeuroAchievement™ Mentor & Philanthropist


Dr. Shannon Irvine Before
  • Too much competing at the top
  • No clear call to action in the header
  • Doesn't say much about her audience
  • No content direction. Her website had very little impact on her business


Dr. Shannon Irvine Website after
  • Minimal but well-defined top navigation
  • Clear, vibrant, matching calls to action in both header & navigation
  • Speaks directly to her ideal audience
  • Content & layout optimized for podcast

Alex Navas

Branding, Website Redesign & Sales Page

Alex Navas Website Design
Alex Navas logo
Alex Navas Website Design
Alex Navas Website Design

Being a marketer and web developer myself,

I wasn't sure if Laura would be able to capture my brand message, understand my market and then bring it all together to create a powerful online presence based on my own standards.

Laura exceeded my expectations. Her understanding of marketing, branding, design and technology came together to deliver a website that will take my business to the next level.

- Alex

Business & Sales Strategist  |


Alex Navas website before
  • No 'big picture' messages, hard to skim
  • Busy header area with too much to look at
  • Calls to action get lost in all the content
  • Looks like a DIY template website


Alex Navas website after
  • Eye-catching & cohesive branding
  • Purposeful, well-spaced header area
  • Clear, vibrant calls to actions
  • High-end, premium look & feel

'Scaling for Passive Profits' Summit

Resources, eBook and Membership Site

Scaling for Passive Profits - Christina Jandali
Christina Jandali Summit Landing page
Christina Jandali summit

All I can say is WOW!

Before I met Laura I was struggling to have a consistent look and feel to my brand. All I can say is WOW! Laura brought my vision to life and as a result my confidence and sales exploded.


Sales & Marketing Coach  |  Deliver Your Genius

Dating Transformation

Branding, Website & Sales Page

Connell Barrett Dating Transformation logo
Connell Barrett Dating Transformation website design
Connell Barrett Dating Transformation webinar
Connell Barrett Dating Transformation brand palette

Facebook Page & Group Banner Design

Connell Barrett Dating Transformation social media banner
Connell Barrett Dating Transformation social media banner

Her design is already driving new revenue for me.

I've collaborated with many designers, and I've never met one with a more impressive combination of visual artistry, technical savvy and "I'm on it" professionalism. (The Container Store looks disorganized compared to her.)

If you want a fantastic site that makes you happy, puts money in the bank, and leaves your competition in the digital dust, let Laura rock your website."

- Connell

Dating Coach for Men  |

Luisa Zhou

Branding, Website & Membership Site

Luisa Zhou membership site
Luisa Zhou popover opt in design
Luisa Zhou sales page graphic
Luisa Zhou website design

Before working with Laura...

I heavily researched a handful of top designers, because I knew I wanted a website I would love and be able to use for years to come.

I decided to work with Laura because her design aesthetic is exceptional and her customer service is unbeatable. I could not be happier with the result.

She took every request into account and was incredibly patient with all of the custom details I asked for. The end result is worth so much more than the price I paid, and honestly, I can't believe I got such incredible value.

I recommend Laura without hesitation. In fact, I've been recommending her to friends, colleagues, and clients for the past 4 years!


7-figure business coach  |

Event Maze

Branding, Sales Page & Membership Site

The Event Maze logo design
The Event Maze PDF resource module design
The Event Maze sales page graphic
The Event Maze with Fabiana Scott sales page design

Alpha Property Investors

Creative Direction, Website & Brand Design

Alpha Property Investors website design
Alpha Property Investors logo design
Alpha Property Investors icon design
Alpha Property Investors icon design
Alpha Property Investors button design

Christina Jandali

Creative Direction, Website, Sales Page & Membership Site

Christina Jandali Deliver your Genius website
Christina Jandali Membership site landing page
Christina Jandali Daily marketing schedule graphic
Christina Jandali sales page icon