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Luisa Zhou
BrandING | Website | Ecommerce SHOP

I've been working with 7-figure business coach Luisa Zhou since 2014, creating sales funnels and membership websites for her 15+ programs.

In 2021, we upgraded her website to be cleaner, faster, and easier to navigate. This most recent design is the third (and best) iteration of her brand & site.

See Luisa's flagship program's membership website in action:
This looks GORGEOUS. Thank you for being so patient and for all your time on this!! This is truly truly beautiful, and so in line with the vibe I was imagining.

— Luisa Zhou, 7-Figure Business Coach & Course Creator



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Our biggest challenges:

First off, we needed to find a way to make all of Luisa’s programs, trainings, and coaching offers easy to locate for potential clients & customers. She has a massive library of offerings at this point, over 15 courses total.

Additionally, Luisa has gained massive traction to her website via her blog, so we needed to feature her lead magnets in a way that wasn’t too annoying or in-your-face. 

The end results:

Luisa’s course launches are running smoother now that we use Elementor, allowing her team to make quick design & content changes without any web design experience.

Additionally, Luisa’s SEO traffic has tripled since we launched her new website (following a short drop just after the switch, which is normal.) Her blog posts generate an incredible amount of interest, and her list size continues to grow by 200-300 new subscribers every month.

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