Say goodbye to bland marketing
It's time to launch your online business to superstardom
Branding + Website + Strategy
The Sales Magnet System is a 12-week professional website & marketing package that's designed to elevate your business, help you compete with industry leaders, and attract your ideal clients.
Do you feel stuck in your business?

You feel like your business is lacking something important, some missing piece that’s holding you back from making that Big Money™

Maybe your website just isn’t pulling it’s weight (or it’s nonexistent.)

Maybe your marketing graphics actually cheapen your brand (uh oh.)

Or it could be you’re not getting seen on Google, making it even more difficult to sell your offers and get new clients.

Do you wish you could just wave a magic wand and have the brand & website of your dreams?

A website that your ideal clients look at and think, “WOAH… I need this!”

The truth is, it takes more than just a run-of-the-mill website to produce a highly successful online business.

In fact, the sad truth is that 8 out of 10 new websites will fail to convert visitors into paying clients – and some of those were $20k+ websites!

In my 12+ years building websites, working with over 100 clients in dozens of industries, I've discovered 3 secrets that the most successful online businesses have in common:

They ELEVATE their brand design & graphics

Their logos, templates & marketing assets are consistent, recognizable, and always manage to stand out from the competition.

They OPTIMIZE their systems, tools & tech

They choose tech services with care and don’t waste money on systems that are complicated or difficult to maintain.

They MAGNETIZE new clients with their copy

They write keyword-optimized content that drives organic search traffic, while also offering a clear path to engage potential clients.

Who am I and how do I know all this?

Hey there! I'm Laura, the Design Mastermind.

My passion is creating attention-grabbing, personality-infused selling machines websites... that can attract ideal clients and get them psyched to say yes!

That’s right – my priority isn’t just getting yet another website out there, it’s launching my clients to online superstardom.

As a university-trained designer with almost 15 years experience in the field, I’m continually astounded by the immense power that sits behind a beautifully crafted brand & website. My clients know this first-hand.

Laura Patricelli loves building a brand and being a website designer for small businesses
I'm here to tell you that building a successful online business isn't just for workaholic hustlers... it's about time your website generated new leads & sales on autopilot!
Introducing the ONLY Brand, Website & Marketing Package You’ll Ever Need...

The Sales Magnet System consists of 3 phases accomplished over 12 weeks, all of which are necessary to increase your traffic, leads, and sales.

Phase #1

Elevate Your Brand

It’s about time your business got a much-needed facelift. After all, if you’re going to charge premium prices, you’ll need to look premium in the first place!

Branding Kit

Complete with gorgeous logos, colors, font pairings, and brand guidelines.

1:1 Brand Audit

Together we’ll review your competitors, target market, and where you’re at now.

Marketing Kit

Snag all kinds of icons, backgrounds, and graphics to use in your marketing.

Phase #2

Optimize Your Tech

We’ve spent over a decade figuring out which tools & systems fill that sweet spot of both user friendly AND easy to scale.

Whether this is your first website or you’re in need of a redesign, we’ve got you covered with a full arsenal of tech that’s guaranteed to last…

Custom Website

Built with the fastest, easiest to edit builder we could get our hands on. Includes 5 pages & a blog!

Speed Optimization

We’ll take care of all the fancy tech stuff that gets your website running lightning fast from day 1.

Email Automation

We’ll configure your email autoresponders so new subscribers can be added & nurtured over time.

Phase #3

Magnetize New Clients

Your website isn’t much good if you don’t get any traffic. That’s why search engine visibility (SEO) is a critical part of any online business’s success.

Fortunately, we can help build the foundation for your high-traffic, client-generating online business by providing you with…

Client Roadmap

We’ll lead potential clients through an intentionally designed funnel that gets them to take action.

Keyword Research

These are the foundation of your SEO strategy & we’ll add them to different parts of your website.


All you need to do is fill out our templates. We’ll write your professional, totally magnetic content.

Plus, you'll snag these incredible bonuses, designed to fast-forward your success:

Even though the Sales Magnet System is pretty all-inclusive already, we still felt like we were leaving you hanging. These bonuses provide you with even more support, so you can get results even faster.

Bonus Bundle #1

1:1 Coaching & Training

$2,250 value • yours included!

Building a successful online business takes more than just a high-end website.

As part of the Sales Magnet program, you’ll have the opportunity to book up to 6 consulting sessions, each focused on developing a important part of your business:

Bonus Bundle #2

Marketing Template Kits

$750 value • yours included!

We know our clients. Which is why we provide you with everything you need to elevate your marketing ASAP.

These templates come pre-customized with your logos, graphics, fonts, and colors so all you need to do is add your content. Talk about a massive time saver!

Are you ready to be a Sales Magnet?

GET IT ALL for 4 Monthly Installments of $2,250

The Design Mastermind Difference:

Your Go-To Expert

You’ll have direct access to Laura throughout the project to bounce ideas, get feedback, and work through every single obstacle.

30-Day Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with your experience within the first 30 days, we’ll issue you a full refund, minus any design work already completed.

Ongoing Support

We offer ongoing design, development, and SEO services to our Sales Magnet clients, so you can relax knowing we’re in your corner!

I’m so glad we decided to work with you!

WOW. The website looks great. I’m so happy with the whole upgrade, and absolutely LOVE what you did with the homepage especially.

Thank you so much for helping us elevate everything about our brand!

- Walker Diebel

Serial Entrepreneur & Author,

We work with clients in every industry, including...

Coaches & Consultants

From sales experts & business advisors to life coaches, community builders and aspiring course creators

Wellness Practitioners

We work with experts in fitness, yoga, meditation, psychic healing, alternative medicines, and more

Creative Professionals

We love crafting beautiful portfolios for photographers, copywriters, artists, producers, and beyond

Undecided? Let's chat about it...

People are booking more calls from the new website!

I’m thrilled that I was able to upgrade my website content using Laura’s templates, and right from the start her website mock-ups looked fantastic. 

I just love the feel of how it all turned out… the design represents me and my business perfectly!

- Marisa Wilke

Holistic Coach & Psychic Medium,

We LOVE our new website & logo design. So effective.

Not only does Laura have a great eye for design, but she’s 100% willing to help us out anytime we’re stuck.

My favorite part was seeing the designs for the first time and making decisons on what we like most.

I’m thrilled we have a great looking website, setting us up for our company’s long-term success!

- Steve Lesser

Lead Marketing Director,

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Bringing my vision to life was so much easier than I imagined…

Laura gave me the opportunity to approve different drafts for my website, and absolutely nailed it the first time round – there was nothing I would change!

I finally feel proud of the business that I have built.

Laura’s brand development really compliments my style and differentiates me from other coaches. She was the whole package – able to create fantastic copy, in addition to logo and the design itself.

- Dana Camm

Love Coach & Hypnotherapist,

My new web design DOUBLED my conversions!​

I’ve never met a designer with a more impressive combination of visual artistry & tech savvy.

Laura has an “I’m on it” professionalism that makes The Container Store look disorganized.

If you want fantastic web design and development that makes you happy, puts money in the bank, and leaves your competition in the digital dust, let Laura rock your website.

We provide graphic design services and web design and development for our client Connell Barrett of Dating Transformation

- Connell Barrett

Dating Coach for Men,

I honestly never thought my sales page could look this good!

Wow! It’s surprising me that I have achieved all of this and seeing my program come to life feels incredible.

If I didn’t have Laura create this for me, I don’t think it would have gotten built… just amazing work.

Thank you!

- Sue Perez

Video production & social media coach

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